Michał Mroczkowski

Business Associate

Michal graduated from Ross School of Business at University of Michigan, Warsaw School of Economics and Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. During his student years he co-founded and developed the i-sgh platform, a calendar for students with schedule of their courses and other events. Additionally, tried and failed in developing P2P carsharing marketplace. After graduation, associated with Microsoft Corporation and Protos VC where he started his journey in VC.

Michal is a Business Associate at Market One Capital where he is responsible for startups sourcing and evaluation, market analysis and product/marketing support for portfolio companies . Michal specializes in the fields of Marketplaces, SaaS and in developing business models, strategies and tactics. Currently interested in decentralized networks, Sharing Economy, Proptech and Edtech categories.

Privately, enthusiast of architecture, art, football, Real Madrid, tennis and backpack travelling.

„You are the average of the five people, you mostly spend time with” - work and accompany with those you share same values