Marcin Kurek

Co-founder and Partner

I’ve been working in the tech and e-business sector since 2004 when I joined a startup called during my studies in Germany. I stayed with the company for 4 years helping to build its business in USA, Poland and Germany. It was great to watch a small startup to grow over years to become an international company and one of the leaders of its category.

This was a breakthrough experience that made me connect my future with entrepreneurship and internet business. Back then I knew that I won’t do any kind of corporate job

In 2008 with two of my friends I co-founded a startup – One of them was Michał Skrzyński, also partner at Market One Capital. In 3 years, we’ve built a market leader in childcare and household services. During this time, I learned what real entrepreneurship means. To me it’s a mix of few things:

  • Truth – everyone is focused only on finding best possible problem solution, no politics or any kind of games
  • Focus on your challenges and tasks 24/7 not only 9 am to 5 pm
  • Self-development – constant learning and developing your skills

After successful exit of in 2011 I stayed with the company for some time but also started to be an active Business Angel. I wanted to share my experience and help build a startup ecosystem in Poland. I was very happy to become one of the first investors in such successful startups as:, (,,, and At the same time I also made a few investments that didn’t go so well.

I wanted to continue on my investor path and in 2013 I became a co-founder and partner at Protos Venture Capital, a seed fund based in Warsaw. We invested in 15 companies (12 in Poland and 3 abroad) making Protos VC one of the best and most active VCs in Poland.

When the investment period of Protos VC ended in Q2 2017 we decided to continue our venture capital journey creating Market One Capital.

I am passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. I love to work closely with the founders and help them overcome their challenges. Basing on my experience as an entrepreneur and having invested in more than 25 startups I believe that the most important success factor is people. A good team will always find a way to adjust their business to market conditions.

One of my favorite saying is: “You are the average of the five people you spend most time with”. This means you should associate with people you share similar values and goals.

I support startups in our portfolio mainly with marketing, product and business strategy.

Aside from business I love sports, cinema and history.

„You are the average of the five people, you mostly spend time with” - work and accompany with those you share same values