Kuba Ślusarczyk

Co-founder and Partner

When weighing my career options after graduation I tried to follow two principles: I wanted to do interesting and challenging things and I wanted to do them together with smart and inspiring people. Both startups and VCs can give you that in abundance. It just takes so much more courage and vision to start your own company, be the architect of it and instill that vision of yours in others. With that in mind I joined a German VC fund – bmp. Many great companies were born and nurtured under its wings – K2 Internet, Bankier.pl, Nokaut.pl and last but not least – Niania.pl. There I met Marcin Kurek and Michał Skrzyński. Our shared values – playing for the long term, putting egos aside when pursuing a common goal – have kept us working together long after I left bmp and they sold their company – first as business angels, then as investors and partners at Protos VC and now – Market One Capital.

After leaving bmp I again applied my two guiding principles but this time I was looking for something providing more hands-on experience. I joined a group of people who, after securing financing from a Private Equity fund, embarked on a mission of setting up a new bank from the ground up. Shortly after the bank has obtained the license and started day-to-day operations (yawn) I took up a senior financial position at a PE fund. There I worked closely with many mature brick-and-mortar business and also worked on a IPO of one of them. All those experiences led me eventually to a point when I felt ready to start something of my own – I became one of the co-founders of Protos VC and 5 years later – Market One Capital.

At Market One Capital I try to keep everything run smoothly, being in charge of operations. I support startups in any kind of business planning and modeling exercises. I help them set up reporting, allowing them to get the most of the data they have.

„You are the average of the five people, you mostly spend time with” - work and accompany with those you share same values