Jacek Łubiński

Investment Manager

I am passionate about two things since I was a teenager – technology and business. That’s why I decided to be a VC, dealing with both, day to day.

When I was studying both computer science and finance, I’ve started my professional career as a software engineer in a startup based in Poznań. Being employee #2 there, I had a chance to be involved not only in product development but also various business aspects like sales and marketing. I had the opportunity to see the company expand to around 20 people and form a profitable business with many foreign clients, including from the US and UK.

I have worked in software development for more than 4 years and then decided to try my hand at finance by joining one of the top Polish M&A boutiques. Equity transactions were my bread and butter there for more than 5 years. I have mastered the craft of M&A / investment processes there, including financial models, due diligence, information memorandums, termsheets and SPA’s. I particularly enjoyed working on the buy-side, preparing growth strategies, analyzing value creation potential, synergies and return on investment.

Therefore, when an opportunity to join a newly created VC fund appeared, I didn’t hesitate much and took it. As an investment director I was leading investment processes through all stages of the deals, starting from analysis of potential investments, through term sheet negotiation, coordination of due diligence ending with investment agreements negotiation and deal closing. We have built a portfolio of 17 companies and became one of the most active VC funds in Poland. I also became a trusted supporter and sparring partner for several portfolio companies, serving as a Board Member.

After spending more than 5 years there, I joined Market One Capital. My main responsibilities here are trend scouting, deal sourcing, deals management, monitoring of the portfolio companies and providing operational support to them.

Aside from business I love reading, yerba mate, good cuisine, football, swimming and spending time with my family.

„You are the average of the five people, you mostly spend time with” - work and accompany with those you share same values