Gabriela Przekop

Business Associate

I always knew that corporate career is not for me and that technology is my passion. That is why I decided to join Grupa Wirtualna Polska during last year of my undergrad. I worked at m&a and strategy departments where I had great exposure to Polish tech market.

After graduation, I joined early-stage bespoke furniture start-up in London as a co-founder. I was responsible for business development and securing funding that taught me everyday struggles of entrepreneurs.

After the company was moved to China, I to pursued my masters at London Business School and specialised in entrepreneurship. I was also involved in Women in Business Club where I co-organised conference about empowering women at workplace with focus on financial markets.

After graduation, I saw Poland as the best place to develop my career and Market One Capital turned out to be the best place to grow. The fund specialisation in marketplaces allows me to discover broad range of industries and fast paced vc environment is never boring.

In my free time I do yoga, learn fashion design and listen to jazz and electronic music.

„You are the average of the five people, you mostly spend time with” - work and accompany with those you share same values